Daniela T.

Greenhouse Supervisor

“I see a future here.”

Daniela T. moved to Ohio in 2016 when her husband, who worked in the Texas oil industry, was laid off during industry-wide cut backs and they needed to relocate. Their friends worked for one of the construction companies that helped build our greenhouse in Delta, OH, so Daniela applied to work at our US facility – and she has been a part of our team ever since!

Even though she is now living far away from her family and friends, Daniela knows she made a good decision moving to Ohio to work for NatureFresh™: “This company means a lot to me – I love the fact that they see potential in their employees and they give us all opportunities to grow. I see a future here.”

One of Daniela’s highlights from 2018 was losing 100 pounds – a transformation she credits to the healthier eating habits she adopted, as well as her role at NatureFresh™: “My work as a Greenhouse Supervisor keeps me active and moving on my feet all day long – most days, by 9AM, I’m already over 5,000 steps!”

As a Greenhouse Supervisor, Daniela is tasked with supervising a 15-acre range in our Ohio greenhouse to ensure everyone is doing their jobs properly. She currently supervises members of our team caring for our Beefsteak Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, and Tomatoes-on-the-Vine! Daniela is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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