Dave W.


“Nature Fresh Farms means a lot to me because it is such a friendly work environment.”

Before Dave W. moved from Mexico to Canada, he owned and worked on his family farm – this experience in the agriculture industry made it easier for Dave to find a new job once he moved to Canada. Eight years ago, when Dave made the move, he found a position at Nature Fresh Farms, and he has since grown within our company to become a Greenhouse Manager at our Leamington, ON operation!

Agriculture has always been an industry that Dave has enjoyed working in: “I chose this area of work because it is both challenging and enjoyable. In my current role, I am constantly planning, organizing, and helping people through the struggles and challenges that we face every day.”

The thing Dave likes most about his role at Nature Fresh Farms is seeing progress every day: “My favorite part about my job is that I can always see that we are growing and that we are getting our jobs done on time. I am looking forward to seeing how our company continues to improve in 2019 and the future.”

Most of Dave’s free time is spent with his family and his church community. With a family vacation scheduled for later this year, Dave is looking forward to the fun times ahead!

As the Greenhouse Manager at our Leamington, ON operation, Dave is responsible for organizing and coordinating the activities of our team members engaged in crop maintenance, cultivation, and harvesting. At any given time, you can find Dave at one of our greenhouses checking in with his teams and making sure everyone knows what’s expected of them. Dave is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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