David B.


“I had heard that Nature Fresh Farms was a great place to work, and it has been!”

In 2007, David B. got his permanent Canadian citizenship, but for about 2 years, he lived in Mexico with his wife to help take care of his parents. In 2011, David and his wife officially moved back to Canada, and David started working at local greenhouses soon after they arrived. We’re excited to celebrate with David as he reaches his fifth year working with our company!

Nature Fresh Farms is like a second family for David: “I feel that the people I work with understand that I do the best job I can, and that I enjoy working here. I feel like Nature Fresh Farms is my second home because I spend a lot of time here, and I feel very comfortable here. The last five years have gone by very quickly!”

Growing his family continues to be a rewarding experience for David: “Creating my own family has made my life fulfilling, and it has helped me deal with the passing of my parents. I work a lot, but the free time I do have I spend doing some work at home and with my wife and kids.”

David’s family are also regular attendees at church, and he sees that as a great way to keep his family’s connection with their community. David’s parents taught him this tradition, and he wants to pass it on to his children.

As one of our Forklift Drivers, David’s most important responsibility is to make sure that the lines are ready for our Packers when they come in for their shift, as well as to make sure that all our produce stays moving. David is also responsible for ensuring that our produce stays fresh, and once packed, is quickly on its way to its next destination! David is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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