Domenico D.


“I like it here because you find a mix of culture and people in this area, you get to meet good people and can hear their amazing stories.”

Domenico D. joined the Nature Fresh Farms team in August 2021 as a Network Technician in our IT Department. Born and raised in Isernia, Italy, he moved away from his parents and brother to enroll at St. Clair College in the Network Technician program in Windsor, ON. After finishing the program, he found a place at the company which has helped him develop his skills.

In his role, Domenico helps set up new hires with all their technological needs and creates new accounts. He is also needed to install new programs on the autonomation side while learning and implementing new software throughout the company that will help things operate smoother.

Since he was young, Domenico always had a passion for technology and knew it was where he wanted to begin in building a career: “I’ve always been interested in anything to do with technology. I started playing video games and got into coding with friends, and I also built computers back in Italy as a side job.” When he is not in front of a screen or keyboard, Domenico also enjoys playing chess and, of course, coming from Italy, he loves to play soccer!

From his time here, he sees Nature Fresh Farms as a great opportunity, especially working with the IT team: “I really enjoy the people I work with and all my IT teammates who I have already learned so much from. I love to learn so this is a great place for me.”

Domenico’s passion for technology is the force that has driven him to learn a new language and move to a new country during a pandemic. Having a great connection with people and knowledge of technology makes him an important member of the Nature Fresh Farms team, Domenico is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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