Dylan C.


“The people here have so much compassion for one another – it speaks to the character of this company and how well they treat their team.”

About 8 years ago, Dylan C. was looking to make some extra money during the holidays, so he took what he thought would be a temporary job in the Leamington greenhouse farming industry. Dylan ended up enjoying the work thoroughly enough to make a full career change! Last year Dylan joined the Nature Fresh Farms Commodities team, and we are excited to recognize his recent role change to become our Commodities Manager.

Making the career move into the greenhouse farming industry was one of Dylan’s most defining moments: “I matured a lot as a man while working in this industry. I’ve been challenged, I’ve learned a lot from the wealth of knowledge that exists in this line of work, and I’ve tried to use all of my work experiences as character-building opportunities.”

Dylan believes he has been able to develop a strong skill set that helped him prove himself as a strong leader: “I welcome criticism and have a strong willingness to learn – tell me what I need to improve on and I’ll do it! I also have the drive and work ethic needed to work well under pressure, which is a must in a fast-paced industry like this. And I see challenges that can be overcome, not problems.”

For Dylan, family is his number one priority. His two young nieces are his pride and joy, so most of his free time is spent making memories with them.

As our Commodities Manager, it is Dylan’s job to ensure our customers get the best quality products we can supply them! Dylan is constantly communicating with our Procurement team to address any issues before they become problematic, and he is also responsible for fresh inventory management. Dylan is one of our #GrowtoPeople!

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