Erick H.


“A door opened to me here at Nature Fresh Farms and I am very thankful for that opportunity.”

Originally from Guatemala, Erick H. always had a dream of traveling. Among other jobs, Erick worked as a mechanic and a repairman for electronics, but when the opportunity came to work in Canada and support his family, he took it. Three years ago, Erick started with our team as a Packer, but since then, Erick has become a hardworking member of our Shipping and Receiving team at our Leamington-based Distribution Center!

Being a Forklift Driver in our Distribution Center is a fast-paced job that requires a lot of close attention to detail: “I like to do new things every day, and I like to be moving a lot and always busy. That is the work environment here. One thing that my parents always taught me is to stay motivated and that has also helped me a lot with coming into work every day and always working hard.”

As his journey with Nature Fresh Farms continues, Erick will always work hard and be grateful: “The last two years I have worked hard enough to get the Worker of the Month award, so that is my goal again this year! I also want to continue living by the values my parents taught me to be nice to people and never look for problems. I also want to continue giving thanks to God.”

Erick’s family is incredibly important to him – one of his most defining moments was becoming a father. And when he isn’t working or catching up with his family, Erick enjoys watching and playing soccer.

Working in a fast-paced environment like our Distribution Center means things are always moving! As one of our Forklift Drivers, it is Erick’s job to ensure all our products are moved throughout the Distribution Center carefully, efficiently, and on time to meet deadlines and appointments. Erick is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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