Eugenia O.

Human Resources

“We came here for a new life, to start from scratch and build a new experience here in Canada.”

Originally from Chile, Eugenia and her family made the move to Canada in the summer of 2019 to start a new life in a different country. In Chile, Eugenia studied Industrial Engineering and worked in Industrial Sales and Supply Chain Analysis in the mining industry. When her family moved to Canada, Eugenia began searching for a company where knowing Spanish was an asset – and that’s how she found us!

Although she hadn’t worked in Human Resources (HR) before, Eugenia did have work experience that would help her with many of the tasks our HR Administrators perform: “I had experience with different ERP software programs, as well as experience working in an intermediate level Excel domain. I also learn quickly and adapt to changes easily. I believe I had several skills that became useful in this position.”

Nature Fresh Farms has allowed Eugenia to seek out new opportunities and learning experiences: “Nature Fresh Farms is very important to me because they are giving me the opportunity to learn new things, develop myself, and acquire new skills. I feel that this company rewards great efforts and I hope to grow in it in the future and continue to contribute my knowledge.”

While the move to Canada has been a challenge for her family, it has also been a very exciting time! Eugenia spends much of her free time with her family, especially her kids.

As one of our HR Administrators, Eugenia is responsible for reviewing PRIVA data for team members working in different areas of our facilities. She also ensures our PRIVA tagboards are up to date so we can properly organize all activities occurring in our greenhouses. Eugenia is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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