Helen S.

Human Resources

“No man is meant to be alone–we are meant to support each other.”

Although she was born in Bolivia and lived there for 7 years, Helen S. has called the Leamington, ON area home for most of her life. It was at a young age that she joined the Nature Fresh Farms team performing General Labor jobs in the greenhouse and warehouse. Now, with over 20 years of experience with our company, Helen continues to challenge herself to grow as our Human Resources Labor Manager!

Helen’s passion for the greenhouse sector is a big part of what has allowed her to excel in her role: “I have a love for my work and this company. Knowing that I can support something or someone in a positive way is a great feeling. And there’s something special about growing and producing food and being part of feeding millions of people that makes this a purposeful job for me.”

The people at Nature Fresh Farms and their commitment to growing the best produce possible inspires Helen every day: “It doesn’t matter if we work together in the Human Resources department or in completely different positions within the company, I value and respect a good work ethic. I really like working with the folks here and for such a generous company!”

In 2020, most of Helen’s energy was focused on implementing new procedures to help limit the spread of COVID-19 within our workplace. In 2021, Helen is looking forward to having more time to spend on process developments and improvements within the company!

As our Human Resources Labor Manager, Helen provides support to team members across our company related to data analytics, payroll, and labor needs. Helen also stays proactive with her planning to ensure all our company’s future labor needs are met. Helen is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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