Helena F.

Human Resources

“At Nature Fresh Farms, every job is acknowledged and appreciated.”

In 2018, Helena F. and her family moved from Bolivia to Canada to explore new opportunities. When she first arrived in Canada, learning the English language was one of Helena’s greatest challenges. But with determination and confidence, Helena learned the language and has since joined the Nature Fresh Farms team as one of our Human Resources Administrators!

Within her role, Helena has gained a lot of experience and developed some important skills: “Since joining the team here, I have learned many new things including computer skills, how to work with different people in various departments, and being a team player. But I’ve also learned to push myself as an individual. I never give up until I have accomplished the task before me, so when I stand back to examine my accomplishments, I know I worked hard to achieve them.”

Helena loves how Nature Fresh Farms is so involved in the communities that we grow in: “I love to see a growing company like Nature Fresh Farms provide fresh produce for our community and provide jobs for local workers. I am proud to be part of a team that is diverse and gives opportunities to so many people.”

In her spare time, Helena enjoys working out and spending time with her family. She is also continuing to study the English language to improve her speech and communication skills!

As a member of our Human Resources team, Helena is responsible for verifying and correcting data entered into our PRIVA system, supporting Supervisors to ensure all labor activities are accurately tracked, and sorting and distributing paystubs. Helena is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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