Henry W.


“Our leaders always lift me up.”

Henry W. has lived in Canada for the last 16 years, and during 13 of them, he has worked within the greenhouse industry! In 2006, Henry first started working at a local greenhouse in Leamington, ON doing odd jobs, but this three-hour gig quickly turned into a full-time position that he loved. Henry has stayed in the same line of work ever since!

When Henry started working at Nature Fresh Farms, he immediately appreciated our leadership and how much they care for their people: “Nature Fresh Farms is my family, and Pete, John, and Matt are awesome guys. They always treat me well and lift me up if I’m feeling down.”

This season, Henry is looking forward to Nature Fresh Farms expanding further into the Organic category. As one of our Maintenance Supervisors, it’s Henry’s job to ensure all essential parts of our greenhouse facilities – from irrigation lines to heating rails to electrical hookups – are properly maintained for unique crop conditions. With more Organic acreage, there are more unique systems to maintain!

Family is also very important to Henry – with five kids and a wife to keep him busy, Henry enjoys going on family outings into town or sharing a meal together. Henry is also very involved at his local church: “Every Sunday I donate to the church so they can help people in the community. That’s really important to me.”

As a Maintenance Supervisor, there aren’t a lot of things on our farm that Henry can’t fix! If you need irrigation lines installed, or someone to replace parts on a machine in the warehouse, or anything in-between, he has got you covered. Henry is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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