Isaac B.


“I grew up around agriculture – even though I was the only one in my family with a garden growing up!”

Isaac B. grew up in Leamington, ON and was always interested in agriculture – his after-school job at a local greenhouse was what initially made him think about pursuing a career in the industry. Now fast-forward to 2015: after travelling throughout Central, South, and North America to learn about greenhouse growing in different regions, Isaac came to work for Nature Fresh Farms as a Grower!

The agriculture industry always intrigued Isaac: “When I started getting more serious about my career, I took some horticulture courses at the University of Guelph. Travelling also allowed me to learn a lot more about how greenhouse growing is unique in different regions (and this information has helped me a lot in my current role).”

For Isaac, being a Grower means having unique and rewarding experiences every day: “It’s very rewarding to watch something you have dedicated so much time and hard work to as it grows. And I really enjoy tackling the different challenges that are inevitable when you work in a greenhouse.”

When he isn’t in our greenhouses watching over our crops, Isaac can often be found at home cooking up a storm! His favorite meal to make is beef stew. And of course, when summertime rolls around, barbecuing season begins for Isaac and his family!

Every day, Isaac is responsible for keeping our plants healthy – this means feeding them the right nutrients in the right amounts and at the right times, as well as ensuring they have the perfect climate with proper temperature, shading, and everything in-between. If our plants are comfortable and well-fed, Isaac and his team are among the people to thank. Isaac is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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