James G.


“Every day at Nature Fresh Farms is enlightening!”

While he was growing up, James G. was inspired by the hard work, dedication, and strong leadership of his mother and father; when he started working in the agricultural field, he was driven by his parents’ values to excel in his own way. James has learned everything he knows about farming by working hands-on with crops – a challenge that he enjoys every single day at Nature Fresh Farms.

When James heard about the Nature Fresh Farms greenhouse being built in Delta, OH in 2015, he knew that, no matter what position he started in, he wanted to work for the company as soon as possible: “I felt a gravitational pull from the company. I am very proud to work with Nature Fresh Farms, and I believe that we can become even greater.”

The Growing team at Nature Fresh Farms has had a profound impact on James and his professional development: “I have been driven by Octavio R., a Grower who joined our team in 2018, who has opened all of our eyes to trying new things and has encouraged us to achieve greatness. Every day is enlightening, watching our team absorb what we learn from him and apply it in each of our roles.”

James spends most of his free time with his family: “We enjoy reading with, teaching, and observing our children. We want to encourage our little ones to strive for a great future.”

As an Assistant Grower in our Delta, OH greenhouse, James is involved with checking the pH and EC levels of our drain water, monitoring and maintaining our irrigation systems, and developing weekly projection numbers for crop production and fruit weight. James is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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