Jason M.


“I’m in the best shape of my life and I feel great.”

Raised on a cash crop farm between Wheatley and Tilbury, Jason M. has always been involved in the Ontario agriculture industry. Jason learned a lot about the basics of farming while working on his family’s corn, soy bean, and wheat fields, but as he grew older, he realized he wanted a greater challenge.

“Cash crop farming is definitely not simple – but greenhouse farming is on a whole other level. I wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of farming, and as a Grower Assistant in a greenhouse, I was able to get that knowledge.”

Learning more about the mechanics of growing isn’t the only challenge Jason has conquered – he recently entered himself into a weight loss challenge with a handful of Nature Fresh Farms team members looking to live healthier lifestyles! He totally changed his diet and started exercising every day, and the result was Jason winning the challenge and feeling great! And it definitely helped that vitamin-C-filled Bell Peppers were in endless supply.

As a Grower Assistant, Jason can be found tending to our Bell Pepper plants throughout the season, making sure they are healthy, too. He is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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