Jason W.

Tool Crib

“Nature Fresh Farms not only provides quality vegetables to millions of people, but also helps the people who work for them.”

Although he was born and raised in Leamington, ON, Jason W. has experienced his fair share of travel and exploration throughout North America. After graduating from college, Jason spent a lot of time on Canada’s west coast, as well as working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. But Jason eventually decided to come home and be closer to family. Not long after moving back to his hometown, Jason joined our team and is currently one of our Tool Crib Attendants!

Some of Jason’s most important skills include organization and communication: “When the farm expands, so does the Tool Crib. That means keeping tools and parts in their proper areas is important or it’ll be chaos. I believe working in the hospitality industry has also helped me work with people. This comes in handy when someone calls, texts, emails, or comes into the Tool Crib looking for something. I try my best to help and treat them the way I would want to be treated.”

Jason believes Nature Fresh Farms is a great place to work and that the team truly cares about one another: “Nature Fresh Farms is a great company. When my daughter was born, she was having a tough time and the people here were (and still are) tremendous. Some of them helped my wife and I during a difficult time and it has not been forgotten.”

The love Jason has for his family is huge! One of the reasons he moved back home was to make sure his kids would develop a close relationship with their grandparents. That bond makes Jason very happy!

As a Tool Crib Attendant, Jason ensures all the proper tools are available for people to use and that new tools are ordered in a timely manner. Jason also works hard to keep the Tool Crib organized and assists with tools moving smoothly in and out of the Tool Crib to various locations around our farms. Jason is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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