Jocelyn M.


“Nature Fresh Farms is so welcoming – I felt this from the first day I started working here.”

Growing up, Jocelyn M. has fond memories of touring with her uncle through some of the first greenhouses we ever grew in at Nature Fresh Farms. Jocelyn also worked for many summers packing fresh produce in one of our Warehouses and then our Sales Distribution Center. Now, Jocelyn is a part of our Compliance team!

Jocelyn didn’t study Food Safety or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in school, but she developed a strong work ethic and a desire to learn that has helped her in her current role: “One of my defining moments was graduating from Brock University, where I completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. I am self-driven to grow, learn, and achieve in anything that I am given.”

Not long after she started working with us, Jocelyn realized our company is continuously improving and innovating: “Nature Fresh Farms develops paths that set us apart from our competition, such as focusing on wellness. As part of my role, I also research different standards on social responsibility, so we can work our way towards earning social responsibility certifications.”

Jocelyn’s hobbies include walking her dog at the marina, playing volleyball, and baking. This summer, she is excited to spend a long weekend in Haliburton with her best friends!

Every day, Jocelyn is hard at work researching CSR standards and certifications, creating internal websites for our many departments, and helping to manage our Supplier Approval Program. Jocelyn’s hard work helps us identify and define our CSR goals, keeps our teams organized, and reduces food safety risks – Jocelyn is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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