Joe P.


“My daughter and family give me the motivation to work my hardest and be the best that I can be.”

Born and raised in Wheatley, ON, Joe P. (also known as our ‘Friendly Giant’) is the oldest of 7 siblings. Joe started working lots of part-time jobs at a young age, but after high school, he was at a crossroads and unsure about what to do as a career. He finally decided to get his AZ license, and in 2007, Joe started driving trucks within the local fresh produce market.

In 2016, Joe joined the Nature Fresh Farms team as one of our truck drivers: “Before Nature Fresh Farms created their Sales team, I was picking up produce from their farm and got to know a lot of people who liked working there. Years later, after seeing I had no room to advance where I was working, I took a leap of faith and joined the Nature Fresh Farms team and haven’t looked back since.”

Coming into work every day with a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude, Joe does whatever it takes to keep our company growing: “After about a year and a half of working here, I was asked to join the Shipping and Receiving team as a Supervisor. It was very challenging working lots of hours and problem solving all the time, but I didn’t give up and I love what I do. I’m always driving my team to work hard and remember that we are all a part of a growing family.”

When Joe isn’t in the Shipping and Receiving office or out on the floor, you can find him hanging out with friends and family, fishing in the summertime, and grabbing a coffee or going for a long drive.

Within his Shipping Supervisor role, it is Joe’s responsibility to make sure all our produce is shipped to our customers, to ensure our quality is excellent, and to get our products shipped on time in order to stay on schedule. Whatever it takes, Joe and his team always get the job done. Joe is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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