Joe W.

Quality Control

“I like that no two days are ever the same.”

As a Leamington, ON local, Joe W. has been surrounded by fresh produce for much of his life. For almost five years, Joe has been working in the greenhouse farming industry on the distribution side of the business. He joined our team to work in our Commodities department, but Joe recently made an exciting switch to a new position as our Distribution Center’s Quality Control Manager!

The work environment is one of Joe’s favorite parts about the fresh produce industry: “I like the fast-paced environment and that things are always changing. Every day brings new challenges that we get to overcome and new chances to learn.”

Since coming to Nature Fresh Farms Joe has been very pleased with his new workplace culture and team-oriented atmosphere: “Nature Fresh Farms is a family-oriented business that cares about their employees. Everyone interacts really well here – it is a great place to work and it was a really positive job change for me.”

With a young family to keep him busy, Joe spends most of his free time with his wife of six years and his two children. But if he can, Joe also enjoys hitting the golf course at least once a week!

As the Quality Control Manager at our Leamington-based Distribution Center, it is Joe’s role to train our Quality Control team members on how to properly identify quality issues and adhere to customer quality requirements. Joe and the Quality Control team help to ensure people across North America get the best quality products possible! Joe is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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