Johan D.


“As long as I’m healthy and able to come to work every day I’m doing just fine.”

Born in Mexico to parents from Canada, Johan D. was able to live and work in both countries throughout his life as a dual citizen. While living in Mexico, Johan did maintenance work, and when he moved to Canada, he continued doing maintenance work and other tasks on a field farm. Johan then found work in a flower greenhouse, but 6 years ago, he joined the Nature Fresh Farms team as a Box Maker in one of our Warehouses!

As a Box Maker, Johan is the person many of our Warehouse staff look to for a constant supply of boxes to pack our products securely: “I like making boxes – what I do helps all the lines stay on track and makes sure all the items they need are prepared. I also have to set the computer so we’re making the right boxes in the right sizes, amounts, and at a good speed.”

Johan’s experience at Nature Fresh Farms over the past 6 years has been positive, even during difficult times: “I’ve always been happy at work, even during hard moments in my life. I like this company because they treat me and others well. I appreciate the company picnics and Christmas events they put on for us, and I am also very happy that we now have the new Retirement Savings Plan.”

When he is at home, Johan enjoys working on projects around the house, cleaning, mowing the lawn, and spending time with his family. When it is nice out and both him and wife aren’t working, they also enjoy going out for a cruise or walking together.

While he ensures all the packing lines have the right types of boxes available in the proper sizes and amounts, Johan is also responsible for keeping the box making work area clean for each new day. Johan is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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