Justin A.


“Starting a career in fresh produce has changed my life.”

Originally from Windsor, ON, Justin A. made the leap to move to Leamington, ON when he decided to pursue a career in a brand-new industry: fresh produce! When Justin started at Nature Fresh Farms three years ago, he was one of our Forklift Drivers; however, Justin has proven himself to be a strong member of our team and is now a Shipping Supervisor.

One of the things Justin likes best about his role in our Distribution Center is the busy work environment: “I chose this area of work because of the fast-paced environment, and I enjoy the challenges that we get to overcome every day. In an environment like this, it helps when I stay organized and detail-oriented.”

As a hard worker, Justin has come to greatly appreciate how everyone at Nature Fresh Farms has a similar mindset: “To me, Nature Fresh Farms is like a family. Everyone works together to achieve our goals, and the people here have encouraged me to keep going strong and moving forward in my life. I am grateful to have made this career change!”

Family is incredibly important to Justin: they enjoy going for walks and spending quality time together whenever they can. One milestone Justin is looking forward to this year is his daughter starting her first year of school!

As a Shipping Supervisor, Justin is responsible for overseeing members of the Shipping team to ensure their questions are answered and their workload is dispersed equally. It is also up to Justin to be mindful of shipment times and ensure our products are shipped out efficiently. Justin is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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