Kara B.


“NatureFresh™ Farms has been a place of endless ideas, laughs, and support.”

Born and raised in southwestern Ontario, Kara B. attended the Odette School of Business in Windsor, ON and obtained her degree in Business Administration with a special focus in the fields of Marketing and IT. After graduating in 2015, Kara started her career in the Marketing department at NatureFresh™ Farms, and in 2019, she became our Marketing Manager!

One of Kara’s favorite parts about working in Marketing is collecting, reading, and interpreting data in new ways: “I am a very creative but also very data driven person. I enjoy being able to gather insights, build relationships, and create campaigns that promote a healthy lifestyle.”

There are some new Marketing projects being introduced in 2019 that Kara is looking forward to announcing alongside the NatureFresh™ Farms team: “I am looking forward to some very exciting and innovative campaigns that will be launched later in the year. Stay tuned!”

Kara’s spare time is spent partaking in a host of extreme sports – from skydiving to wakeboarding to NASCAR driving, Kara loves anything that involves adrenaline, heights, and speed! Not to mention she is also an expert cake carver.

A typical day for Kara often involves analyzing industry trends, compiling data for campaign strategy development, collaborating with partners for both internal and external ventures, and managing ongoing projects within the Marketing department. She is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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