Kevin B.


“Around these parts people take pride in their work, and I can take pride in the product we grow and sell here.”

Kevin B.’s family has a long history of working in agriculture: they would migrate every year to the United States to work the fields and then return to Puerto Rico to tend to their own crops. In 1998, Kevin B. moved from Puerto Rico to a small farming community in Ohio, not far from our Delta farm, with his brother and his parents. Kevin is now working at our Distribution Center in Delta, OH as part of our Allocation team!

In his role, Kevin is always balancing different tasks and working with different people to keep products moving through our supply chain: “With this job, I saw an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to do something that kind of runs in my family. Each day I roll with the punches and take things in stride. I deal with lots of different people and different events daily, even hourly.”

Working with healthy food is a big part of what makes Kevin proud to work at Nature Fresh Farms: “This is a company where you can make a living while nutritiously feeding others. How many people can say they produce a product that is good for people?”

Kevin believes in making the most of his free time and going through life with a positive attitude. When he’s not at work, Kevin enjoys helping friends and families with projects, serving at his church, and cooking and grilling for his friends and family members!

As a member of our Allocation team, Kevin works hard to efficiently allocate the best fresh products to each of our retail partners. Keeping our customers happy, avoiding food waste, and maintaining a positive attitude are all important parts of Kevin’s role! Kevin is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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