Kevin F.


“I see a lot of growth in the future for greenhouse farming.”

Having grown up around greenhouses in Leamington, ON, Kevin F. has had his fair share of odd jobs on local farms. Although he didn’t find his calling in taking care of the plants or working on the packing lines, these experiences did motivate Kevin to work hard and find a job in greenhouse farming that he truly enjoyed. Kevin is currently part of our Maintenance team as a Maintenance Coordinator!

It’s important for Kevin to stay organized and be a team player in his role with our Maintenance team: “Working well with other people and being organized are two skills that have helped me in my role. On a daily basis, I am constantly communicating with the Maintenance Technicians to find the fastest and most efficient way to complete jobs, and I’m also making sure the quality of the job is up to standard.”

The future prospects for Nature Fresh Farms and the greenhouse farming sector in general has had a very positive impression on Kevin: “This company means a lot to me. It’s a place where I enjoy coming to work, and I appreciate the drive that this company has. It is very encouraging to work at a place that has plans for the future and always wants to improve and grow in every way.”

When he’s not at work, Kevin enjoys spending time with family and watching sports, as well as playing golf and baseball during the summer months. One of Kevin’s most defining moments thus far was buying his first house (and taking on all the extra responsibilities that come with it)!

As a Maintenance Coordinator, Kevin spends his days ensuring maintenance projects are completed efficiently across our farm. He also completes quality checks and searches for new ways to improve our maintenance practices. Kevin is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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