Kyle O.


“Even though it’s a big and growing company, Nature Fresh Farms has a small-town feel.”

Before finding his way to a position in the greenhouse sector, Kyle O. worked in the Windsor automotive industry. When he started looking for a career change in the first few months of 2020, Kyle came across a position at Nature Fresh Farms that would offer him a lot of learning opportunities. Kyle has since joined our Compliance team!

Although his position at Nature Fresh Farms is very different than what he has done in the past, Kyle has enjoyed every learning opportunity that has come his way: “Whenever I go inside one of our greenhouses and see everything that’s needed for it to operate, I end up learning something new. I’ve also done a lot of reading and research and received a lot of mentoring from my Director.”

One of the first things that stuck out to Kyle about Nature Fresh Farms is our family atmosphere: “I’m really enjoying the culture here–even though it’s a big company, it feels like everyone is family. I like seeing how everyone comes together to make things happen, and I also really like how they give back to the community.”

Family time is what life has become for Kyle–he spends most of his free time with his 2 kids watching movies and playing sports with them. Kyle also enjoys staying active himself with sports like hockey and baseball, as well as coaching his son’s hockey team.

As a member of our Compliance team, Kyle is responsible for ensuring all members of our team are complying with food safety protocols, as well as keeping all health and safety products like PPE and sanitizers stocked throughout our facilities. Kyle also makes sure all our vendors have up to date food safety documentation. Kyle is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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