Lena K.


“I’ve made friends here who have become like family.”

Born and raised in southern Ontario, Lena K. has learned a lot about the greenhouse industry from a young age. Lena’s first job at a greenhouse involved packing boxes of Tomatoes, but she has since tried her hand at Quality Assurance and Scouting! Now, for the last two years, Lena has been inspecting our Pepper rows as part of our Bio Scout team.

Becoming a Bio Scout was a big change for Lena, but she loves that no day is the same: “I didn’t know a lot about Scouting before I started in this position, but I’ve learned a lot as I’ve gone along. I like that we face different challenges every day – it’s never the same which makes it an interesting job.”

With Lena working at Nature Fresh Farms for just over 4 years, she has made some great friends: “I like the work I get to do every day, and I’m happy to have made friends here that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

One of Lena’s most defining moments was getting married to her husband. With family being so important to her, it’s no surprise that in Lena’s spare time she enjoys looking after her nieces and nephews and watching her husband play in his local baseball league!

Lena is currently focusing on scouting for pests in one of our 15-acre Pepper ranges. Every day, Lena is expected to inspect for harmful bugs or other pests in the crop, and report any of her findings to our Growers. She is also tasked with applying beneficial bios, or good bugs, to our crops to help eliminate any bad bugs! Lena is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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