Lisa B.


“I would say Nature Fresh Farms feels like a second home.”

Over the years Lisa B. has moved back and forth between Canada and Mexico a handful of times, but for the last 8 years her and her family have made Canada their home. When she was looking for her first full-time job, Lisa came across our company and immediately enjoyed her role working throughout our facilities! Lisa currently spends most of her working hours in our Warehouses stationed on our Packing lines.

Since we grow in our greenhouses year-round, Lisa is often stationed in different areas of our operations based on seasonal demand: “In the summer I’m usually packing Peppers, but since this new season’s Pepper plants just got planted, I’m packing our winter-grown Tomatoes until Peppers start being picked at our farms in the spring. Sometimes I’m even helping in the greenhouse with different tasks. I like that it’s not the same thing every day.”

With a friendly team around her, Lisa doesn’t mind spending a lot of her time at work: “I’ve really noticed the kindness of people and how understanding people are here. I feel like I’ve been able to develop my communication skills here while working with people that I can get along with well.”

As someone who believes in fairness and helping others, it is no surprise that Lisa spends much of her free time helping around the home. When she’s not helping or hanging out with her family, Lisa also enjoys spending time with friends and attending church on Sundays.

In her role, Lisa has learned that concentration and being able to work well as a team are both incredibly important skills for getting fresh produce packed efficiently and moved safely along the supply chain. And when her tasks are complete, Lisa is always keeping an eye open for ways she can support the work of her fellow team members. Lisa is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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