Lola V.


I always enjoyed working in agriculture and I wanted to learn more about modern, high technology agriculture.”

Lola V. was born in Bolivia, but in 2001, she moved to the United States with her two children to look for a brighter future and better opportunities for her family. Most of Lola’s work experience in the United States involved working in field agriculture, and then manufacturing. In 2019, Lola went back to agriculture and started working at Nature Fresh Farms as a member of our Bio Scout team!

As a Bio Scout, Lola needs to use very specific skills when scouting for pests in the greenhouse: “I am very detailed with my work, and I pay very close attention to everything I‘m doing. I am also a very patient person and I enjoy working as a team. I have a goal for myself to try and join some sort of course in agriculture to help me in the future.”

Speaking with our Guest Workers and hearing about their plans for the future inspires Lola to work hard: “I enjoy hearing some of my co-workers that come from other countries talk about their dreams that they have and how they will achieve them by working here. Some talk about starting their own business back home, others on building their dream home, and others just to provide for their large families. When I hear this, it motivates me and makes me value my job and my family even more.”

Lola has had some defining moments in her life so far! One was the day her kids graduated from college because that was something she wanted to do for herself, and seeing her kids reach it meant a lot. Another defining moment for Lola was winning her battle with cancer!

As a Bio Scout, Lola remains committed to using our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to keep our plants safe from pests. She also takes great care to pay attention to every little detail when scouting for bad bugs. Lola is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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