Lorna C.


“I truly have not worked for a company that is so generous and that genuinely appreciates their employees as much as Nature Fresh Farms does.”

Lorna C. grew up in the Wheatley, ON area and was raised on a cash crop farm. She always wanted to be a paramedic, but when Lorna had her daughter at 19, she decided to focus on raising her and making an income to support her. She got a job at a local restaurant, and that’s how Lorna found her passion in the food industry –which she has been a part of for the past 25 years! But recently, Lorna made an exciting transition to our Commodities department at our Leamington-based Distribution Center.

Throughout her career in the food industry, Lorna has held many different roles and learned a lot, especially in management positions: “I’ve done everything from working in local coffee shops to managing restaurants to bartending and serving – and everything in-between. Restaurant management takes you into the cooking side of things even more than you’d think – you need to be able to jump in and help when the kitchen gets busy.”

Working in the Nature Fresh Farms Commodities department has been a completely different type of job for Lorna: “This company has amazed me. Typically, in a company this size, people aren’t always noticed if they’re newer, but here, everyone is welcoming and friendly. I also love being able to get involved with things outside the realm of my day-to-day job to help the company succeed.”

Lorna is an incredibly hard worker – when she isn’t at our Distribution Center, she is always keeping herself busy with other part-time jobs, spending time with her kids, and camping with her husband and dogs!

As a member of our Commodities department, Lorna is responsible for keeping data up-to-date so our Commodities team can respond to the needs of our retailers efficiently and accurately. Lorna updates the team on advertisements we’re running with our retail partners, the status of order being filled properly, and plans for excess product. Lorna is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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