Luis E.


“I am very thankful to Nature Fresh Farms for the opportunity to work here, and I know that all the people that I work with are equally grateful.”

Before he applied to work in Canada, Luis E. worked in Mexico and the United States to support his mother and siblings living in Mexico. It took him two years to get approval, but once he was able to work in Canada, Luis started as a General Crop Worker at our greenhouses in Leamington, ON. It only took Luis one month to be offered a Greenhouse Supervisor position with our team!

When Luis came to Canada, he was very thankful to find work at a good company: “Everyone is friendly, and I feel like they give everyone a chance and opportunities. In fact, my son just arrived on the farm to work here as well. Nature Fresh Farms is a big company, but people feel at home here.”

There is a strong comradery that exists between Luis and members of his team: “I am very close with my co-workers here; however, I’m especially close with the workers who are here from different countries. We play soccer together, go to church together, and do our errands together. We all try to support one another whenever we can.”

While Luis spends a lot of his free time with his team, he is also working hard to learn English. In addition, like many of his fellow team members, Luis tries every day to do his best at work and create a better life for his family.

The most important part of Luis’ job as a Greenhouse Supervisor is to set a good example for the team members he oversees. Luis teaches his team how to do their jobs better, and he encourages everyone to be kind to one another. He is also responsible for making sure the day-to-day work in our greenhouses gets done correctly on a consistent basis. Luis is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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