Marcos V.


“Even if you’re having a hard day, everyone on the team is looking out for you.”

About 13 years ago, Marcos V. moved from Mexico to Canada to start a new life and find new work opportunities. When he first arrived, Marcos found a job as a greenhouse Crop Worker, but he later started working on the distribution side of the produce industry. Last year, Marcos joined the Nature Fresh Farms team at our Distribution Center as one of our Forklift Drivers!

Working at our Distribution Center in the Shipping office means Marcos gets to work with team members who he respects, but also on his own: “I like working in the Shipping department because I can work with a team, but at the same time, I have opportunities to work independently. I really like the team here – my Supervisors are some of the nicest people.”

For Marcos, one of the best parts about this company is how much support there is for everyone: “The people at this company work with you to help you do well in your role. If you say you want to try something new, they will help you do it. And our Managers and Supervisors are always looking out for us.”

In his spare time, Marcos enjoys watching TV, listening to music, and going for walks. This year Marcos is looking forward to searching for a new house!

As one of our Forklift Drivers, Marcos is always expected to drive and operate our forklifts safely, to transport the right products throughout our Distribution Center and Shipping department, and to communicate properly with his team members. Marcos is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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