Marlon S.


“Nature Fresh Farms is forming great people who take pride in the constant growth of this company.”

Two years after he finished high school in his home country of Guatemala, Marlon S. had the opportunity to travel to Canada and search for new work opportunities. Three and a half years ago Marlon started with the Nature Fresh Farms team, and he is now one of our Greenhouse Leads!

The vegetable growing industry has always been of interest to Marlon, so finding a position at a greenhouse farm was the perfect fit: “The area of vegetable production has always attracted my attention. I have basic knowledge of agriculture, but I want to increase my knowledge every day. When I took over as a Greenhouse Lead it was a big challenge for me, but with the support of my Manager, every day I acquire new knowledge.”

There are many skills Marlon has had to develop and tap into in his current role: “You have to know how to listen to people and learn from them. You should also always be looking for new ways to make things easier and more efficient. In 2020 I’m looking forward to getting even more experience in my area of work.”

Visiting new places, experiencing sunsets with a good book in hand, and cooking are some of Marlon’s favorite things to do in his spare time. Marlon is also close with his family – he hopes to set a good example for his brothers and help his family however he can.

As a Greenhouse Lead, Marlon is responsible for keeping our Guest Workers organized and up to date on what tasks need to be completed to ensure we produce and pick high-quality produce. Marlon also ensures his team is trained properly in caring for the well-being of our plants. Marlon is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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