Matt K.


“Nature Fresh Farms is a family of people building something greater than we could as individuals.”

Matt K. grew up on a farm and learned the art of growing from both his father and his great-grandmother. He used to look at growing plants as a hobby, but when he found an industry that took it to a whole new level, he knew he needed to pursue a career in greenhouse farming. Matt is one of our Senior Growers, overseeing operations at the Research & Development facility in Leamington, ON!

Matt believes many of his responsibilities at work reflect his responsibilities as a husband and father, as well: “My first responsibility is to support the people that I spend my days with. I also need to remember to seek out untapped potential and make the most of it, whether it is in myself, my children, the people I work with, or the company. We can always do so much more with what we already have.”

The family atmosphere and endless opportunities for development are what Matt likes most about Nature Fresh Farms: “The people here are a family and they are building a great company together, yet at the same time, Nature Fresh Farms gives all of us the opportunity to build our lives and families away from work. The people are great, and the opportunities are amazing.”

Faith and family are by far the two most important things in Matt’s life. Matt and his wife love teaching their children how to grow things and get their hands dirty in their home garden, serving at their church, playing and teaching music, and travelling.

As a Senior Grower, Matt is expected to care for the people that he leads, ensuring they all have exactly what they need to succeed. On the growing side of things, Matt also ensures our greenhouse operations run smoothly and efficiently, and that we continuously produce safe and healthy food for people across North America! Matt is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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