Matt Q.


“In the most challenging times, we come together and find ways of turning challenges into opportunities.”

Ever since he was 12 years old, Matt Q. has been involved with the Nature Fresh Farms team. Matt always knew he wanted to become a larger part of the family business, so as our Director of Sales, he plays an important role in developing partnerships with our retailer partners and customers.

Matt was encouraged to gain experience outside of his father’s company after he finished high school: “This was one of the greatest learning experiences for me because it taught me a stronger work ethic. While not every job was the right fit, I was able to transfer the skills I learned from each job I had, and I eventually found my calling in Sales.”

Matt loves that no workday is ever the same, and that there are always new projects to get excited about: “Every day is a new challenge that poses new opportunities. Right now we have quite a few new things we are working on from a variety standpoint that I’m excited to help develop.”

One of Matt’s defining moments was getting married in 2018 – his wife understands Matt’s love for his job, but she makes sure that he achieves a good work-life balance and stays grounded. When he’s not spending time with his wife, Matt also enjoys hanging out with friends, golfing, and walking his dogs!

When Matt isn’t on the road meeting valued partners and prospective customers, you can find him in the Sales office working on promotions, contracts, and pricing, creating market strategies with his team, or visiting our farms to get crop updates from our Growers. Matt is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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