Nancy C.


“I put a lot of love into my cooking.”

Ever since she can remember, Nancy C. has always been interested in cooking. She got her first job in the food industry at the age of 15 at a coffee shop making fresh donuts and serving coffee. From there, Nancy was hooked on working with food and continued to take on a variety of roles in the industry, including some management positions. Nancy is now a member of the Nature Fresh Farms Kitchen team!

Nancy attributes all of her skill and expertise to learning on the job: “Everything I know about cooking is from hands-on, personal experience. I never went to culinary school, but I always strive to learn from my peers while we’re in the kitchen together. It’s also in the food industry that I learned time management and how to work as a team.”

With the support of her husband and daughter behind her, Nancy has continued to pursue a career in the food industry, bringing her to the Nature Fresh Farms Kitchen: “I wanted to work at Nature Fresh Farms because they have always been family-oriented, and I had heard great things about them. I haven’t been disappointed!”

Nancy spends much of her free time reading, but in the warmer months, she also enjoys going on wine tours in Windsor-Essex County with her husband.

Nancy and the Nature Fresh Farms Kitchen team are responsible for feeding our team members through our employee lunch program! Along with spending each day cooking lunches for our team and contributing menu ideas, Nancy also ensures accurate labels are placed on each employee lunch container so that everyone receives the right meal. Nancy also delivers lunches to each work site a few times a week. Nancy is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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