Nicole M.


“I’m just as interested in growing food as cooking it!”

Originally from Guelph, ON, Nicole M. grew up in a home where good food and unique flavors abounded! Her experiences baking and cooking in her teens inspired her to attend culinary school at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute. Nicole worked as a chef in restaurants in the Niagara and St. Catherine’s regions for 4 years, but 8 years ago, her and her husband made the move to Leamington, ON. Nicole is now a member of our Kitchen team!

For Nicole, cooking is a career, a hobby, and a passion: “Working in a kitchen is like working with a second family. You have to trust each other and work together because you all have the same goal! And even though cooking is my passion, I know that it’s still important for me to be organized, detail oriented, and a team player every day that I come into our company’s kitchen.”

Nicole is a big fan of the work-life balance and team atmosphere that she has experienced since working at Nature Fresh Farms: “Working in the Nature Fresh Farms Kitchen has given me much better work-life balance. And everyone here is so nice and helpful–I was blown away by all the reviews I read about this company! The culture here clearly attracts very positive people.”

One of Nicole’s most defining moments was having her children, so it’s no surprise that she spends much of her free time playing with them! She also enjoys gardening and following politics.

As a member of our Kitchen team, Nicole is responsible for making sure all the lunches ordered through our company’s lunch program are delivered on time. She also works closely with the rest of the Kitchen team to make sure everything coming out of our Kitchen tastes delicious! Nicole is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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