Octavio R.


“I am very grateful for the opportunity to work at NatureFresh™.”

Four years ago, Octavio brought his family to the United States to discover a different way of life – and they have had no regrets since! For Octavio, moving has been an exciting process because of the new sights and sounds: “I love culture, and I love getting involved with the communities where I live – for me, it’s all about getting in touch with the way people live there.”

Octavio is now a part of our Delta, OH Growing team, and after a few months with us, he knows that NatureFresh™ wants to provide the best work environment for their employees: “I am very grateful for the opportunity to work somewhere that is very inclusive and diverse. NatureFresh™ is welcoming to everyone who works for them, and that is very important.”

Octavio and his young family are always ready for adventure – whenever they have the time, they love travelling and visiting national parks!

As a part of the Growing team, Octavio ensures our Ohio-grown Tomato plants are always given the best care possible. He makes sure the plants are properly irrigated, the Tomatoes are ripening nicely, and everything in-between is accounted for – he is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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