Patricia C.


“This year has presented us with an opportunity to reimagine and rebuild.”

Although she originally grew up in Chatham, ON, Patricia C. lived and worked in Toronto, ON for several years in the advertising field and gained a wealth of experience working with both national and international brands. But in late 2018, Patricia and her husband decided to move their family somewhere where they could pursue a calmer lifestyle and enjoy more space, and that somewhere was Tecumseh, ON!

Patricia was excited to find meaningful, challenging work in southwestern Ontario: “After we had moved to Tecumseh, I heard through word of mouth about Nature Fresh Farms and about their great reputation. On a whim, I went on their website and saw that their team was hiring. I haven’t looked back since! This job is the perfect mix of intrigue, challenge, and impact – I can’t imagine working in any other industry now.”

With food security and sustainability being two issues that are very close to Patricia’s heart, she has been inspired by the culture and attitude of the Nature Fresh Farms team: “From my first day, Nature Fresh Farms felt like home. It has been an honor to become a part of a truly innovative and forward-thinking company. Experiencing first-hand the innovative ways this company is championing critical issues has inspired me in so many ways!”

With two young daughters to keep her busy, most of Patricia’s free time is spent together with her family. They love exploring new places, near and far: Eastern Market in Detroit is one of their favorite Saturday morning outings.

From managing new product launches to compiling and conducting industry research to stay on top of trends, Patricia’s role within the Marketing department is chiefly focused on using her skills and experience in the agency world to directly support the efforts of our Sales team. Patricia is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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