Paul H.


“I truly respect this company’s leadership and the direction in which they are planning to grow Nature Fresh Farms.”

Paul H. joined our team halfway through 2019 and he has been busy ever since helping us build exciting new partnerships and expand our North American networks. Originally from Holland and now based in Mexico, Paul has gained both knowledge and expertise in understanding and navigating international produce markets. We are happy to have Paul as our Director of Procurement based in Mexico!

Relationship-building is one of Paul’s favorite aspects of his role: “Over the years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people, develop and expand my network, and create strong relationships that lead to great partnerships. You have to have good people skills if you’re going to build and maintain relationships every single day.”

When Paul joined the Nature Fresh Farms team, he immediately felt welcomed and at ease with his decision: “Everyone here seems to have a team spirit and we always work together as a united front. Working with our Procurement team has been a great experience so far – I’m looking forward to working together to reach our goals in 2020 and continue to grow our business.”

Paul has a few defining moments that have shaped his life in profound ways – moving to Mexico from Holland in 2016, meeting and marrying his wife Melissa, and welcoming their first daughter, Isabella, in 2019!

Paul’s most important responsibilities with our Procurement team is to identify and build relationships with new industry partners to ensure we have year-round product availability. Paul’s hard work and dedication allows us to provide our retail partners with high-quality, fresh produce for all 52 weeks of the year. Paul is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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