Prani P.


“I came to Nature Fresh Farms to have a future and create a better life for me and my family”

Prani P was born in Northeastern Thailand and worked there for many years with her husband where they had created a family with their newborn daughter. After a difficult time in Thailand, Prani made the tough decision to leave her daughter and in 2006 came to Leamington, Ontario, and has worked at Nature Fresh Farms ever since.

Prani originally worked in the greenhouse for nearly 10 years, however, since then has transferred to our Distribution Center and has thoroughly enjoyed her role as a Packer: “In the greenhouse, you are mostly working alone but being in the packhouse meant I got to meet a lot more people and make more friends. It has helped me to learn more conversational English.”

As a Packer, Prani believes that working well with people and respecting your teammates is very important to succeeding in her position and helps everyone work better together. She also believes that attention to detail is important when working at the DC: “Whatever we do, we should always pay attention. With little English, I must be observant so I can see what is happening on the floor. This helps me to know what job needs to be done.”

Heading into 2022, Prani hopes to keep working to achieve her goal of purchasing a home with her husband and hopefully bring her daughter to live with them full-time in Canada: “One of the greatest things in my life was having my daughter, and I hope that one day she can move to Canada where we can be together again and make up for lost time with her.”

Prani is very thankful to be a part of the Nature Fresh Farms team and the relationships she’s built with her team members and her supervisors over the years. With many opportunities to succeed here in Canada, she looks forward to her future and having her whole family under one roof. Prani is one of our GrowToPeople!

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