Ray W.


“The path laid out for the Nature Fresh Farms team was very bold and challenging, but we’ve taken on the challenges together as a team.”

About 42 years ago, Ray W. got his first job in fresh produce right out of high school, and he hasn’t looked back since. Ray has had the pleasure of experiencing all aspects of the produce industry during his career – from warehouse-level labor, to sales and procurement, to overseeing fresh imports and exports, Ray has seen first-hand the many transformations our food system has experienced in the last few decades.

Ray fell into fresh produce out of necessity, but he was quickly inspired by professionals in the veg business to work hard and find success: “What interested me the most at the beginning of my career was mentors who elevated my interest at an early age. I saw the passion and desire in them to succeed, and I really appreciated their mentorship.”

It was about 7 years ago that Ray joined the Nature Fresh Farms team: “If I look back 7 years ago and then look at where we’re at today, the journey has been fun, exciting, and rewarding. I look forward to seeing what is on the horizon for this team – it has been a fun ride.”

On a more personal note, Ray has taken a much greater interest in him and his family living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Health and fitness have become a priority, and Ray and his wife have taken greater steps to bringing more sustainable practices into their home.

With a wealth of knowledge at his disposal, Ray makes himself available as a mentor for many team members throughout our organization. Ray also assists wherever he can and applies his experience towards helping us deal with the challenges that come with running a vertically-integrated greenhouse farm. Ray is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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