Rogaciano T.


“I want to thank Nature Fresh Farms for the opportunity to grow within the company.”

When Rogaciano T. was laid off from his job in the Texas oilfields in 2016, he and his wife Daniela made the move to Ohio in search of more job opportunities. Both Rogaciano and his wife were soon hired at the Nature Fresh Farms greenhouse in Delta, OH, and since their first days on the job, they have both been encouraged to grow and find success within the company!

Since he started at our company, Rogaciano has changed positions and gained greater responsibility: “I started off as a General Laborer doing crop work, but I was soon given the opportunity to become a Greenhouse Supervisor. I supervise the General Laborers in our Tomatoes-on-the-Vine crop, making sure quality and production requirements are always met.”

Rogaciano is passionate about helping and teaching others, which makes his role at Nature Fresh Farms that much more valuable to him: “My passion is helping others and helping to train my team to do their jobs well. I love what I do.”

For Rogaciano, the most important thing in life is family. In addition to spending quality time with his own, Rogaciano also enjoys hanging out with friends and cooking!

Greenhouse Supervisors are an essential part of any greenhouse operation. Supervisors like Rogaciano ensure their teams understand and follow all quality, production, and safety guidelines and regulations. By also assisting with training and providing his team with positive encouragement, Rogaciano is able to help cultivate a strong and effective team dynamic. Rogaciano is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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