Roger L.


“Nature Fresh Farms is a good place to work. There are so many great people here that make the job worthwhile and fun to do.”

Born and raised in Essex County, Roger L. has been a Truck Driver for Nature Fresh Farms for 7 years. Roger’s passion for driving and mechanics are a valuable asset to our team as he brings over two decades of experience working with heavy machinery.

Roger takes pride in lifelong learning having sought out training in many different areas throughout his career: “I’ve got more licenses than I can remember, brake license, crane license, heavy equipment operator and many others. I’ve been operating big machines for over 20 years and couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

Roger feels most at home behind the wheel and is happy to have turned this lifelong passion into a career: “I’ve loved driving my whole life. There is no better feeling than hopping behind the wheel and in a couple of hours being somewhere completely new. To be able to do that, while delivering essential food to communities across North America is something I take great pride in.”

A self described ‘motorhead’, Roger enjoys building and racing his own vehicles in his spare time, traveling to gatherings around Ontario to do so.

As one of our Truck Drivers, Roger is responsible for delivering our produce from the farm to grocery stores safely and on schedule. Roger is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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