Ryan C.


“No one day is the same – things are always evolving and always changing.”

After attending the University of Windsor and acquiring his BCom in Business, Ryan started working on the Sales and Marketing side of the power sports industry. After about a year, Ryan wanted to switch things up, so he decided to jump head-first into an industry he knew next to nothing about – fresh produce. Based in Leamington, ON, Ryan has progressed within our company to become one of our Procurement Managers!

Although he grew up in Windsor, Ryan knew very little about the greenhouse industry in Leamington when he started working at Nature Fresh Farms: “As soon as I got a taste for the work, I immediately enjoyed the challenge of working on the Procurement team. Now, as one of the Procurement Managers, I’m really enjoying getting to build and maintain relationships with our partners, as well as managing commodities on a larger scale.”

Since first joining the Procurement team, Ryan has developed some important skills that have allowed him to progress his career: “I have become a much stronger negotiator since joining this team – that’s something you need to be good at when sourcing products all day, every day. I’ve also worked hard to develop my leadership and time management skills.”

When Ryan does get some free time, he enjoys taking part in adrenaline-filled power sports, especially racing motorcycles and cars. Ryan also loves snowboarding and surfing whenever he gets the chance!

The Procurement department is almost always a flurry of activity – it’s Ryan’s job to develop and maintain strong relationships with partner growers, source product to fulfill customer orders, and manage procurement activities for a growing list of commodities. Ryan is one of our #GrowtoPeople!

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