Samantha N.


“My first day at Nature Fresh Farms had a big impact on me.”

Sam N. has always enjoyed working with plants – she learned how to garden from her father, and when she was in high school, she became interested in Landscape Design. Sam also got to live on a 25-acre ranch in North Dakota for many years, which made her even more interested in plants and agriculture. Sam moved back to northeastern Ohio in 2010 and started at our farm in Delta, OH in 2017.

Her first day at our farm was a defining moment for Sam: “On my first day, we had a meeting at the farm where Isaac S., one of the Managers from Canada, introduced himself and welcomed all the ‘new blood’ hires. He gave a speech where he talked about being in the right place at the right time and how to succeed here – that speech has stuck with me ever since.”

Getting involved in the community is one of Sam’s favorite parts about Nature Fresh Farms: “I love that NatureFresh™ is community-oriented because I often volunteer my time to help veterans alongside my boyfriend. For me, Nature Fresh Farms means community and opportunity!”

Sam spends a lot of her free time being crafty, teaching herself new skills and creating fun DIY home projects. She always finds new ways to learn and challenge her brain!

As a Gatekeeper in our Delta, OH Warehouse, Sam is responsible for the tracking and proper tagging of all products that make their way through the Production area. With her diligence and close attention to detail, our Ohio-grown Tomatoes make it to the consumer that much more quickly and efficiently! Sam is one of the #GrowToPeople.

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