Sandeep S.


“I’ve been working on an amazing project at Nature Fresh Farms that has turned out to be one of the most important in my career.”

Before finding her place at Nature Fresh Farms, Sandeep S. gained a lot of valuable experience both in the classroom and the workplace. After completing her Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Sandeep worked at a multinational company where she became familiar with Enterprise software. Sandeep joined our team in 2018 and has been instrumental in bringing a new Enterprise software to our company!

When it comes to her career, Sandeep is extremely driven and invested: “I think I owe my ambition to my Dad as I grew up seeing his dedication towards his career. I also love troubleshooting, and my tendency to pay attention to details has helped me in many ways. Working in this role has also helped me realize that I’m comfortable training users, which is an important part of my job.”

For Sandeep, the family and team mentality make Nature Fresh Farms a special place to work: “I feel lucky to be working with people who are so friendly and helpful, especially since interacting with all the employees here is a significant part of my job. It is amazing how everyone, especially people in management roles, give you an equal opportunity to express your ideas and value your thoughts.”

Reading Inspirational books, trying different restaurants and cuisines, and going shopping are just a few of Sandeep’s favorite things to do in her free time. In 2020, her and her husband are excited to (hopefully) start house-hunting, as well!

Sandeep is heavily immersed in maintaining our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as our ERP Manager. From gathering user requirements and testing new processes, to training new users, to troubleshooting and resolving issues within the system, Sandeep is always busy making this new program more efficient and user-friendly. Sandeep is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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