Sharron G.


“I think it is so wonderful how involved Nature Fresh Farms is in the community.”

Even before she started with our team, Sharron G. was always finding new ways to gain different skills at her previous Warehouse-based job. Whether it was shipping, receiving, logistics, or inventory management, Sharron jumped in wherever she could to get more experience. Once she applied to work in our Purchasing department, Sharron knew she could handle everything the role would throw at her!

A diverse skill-set is what helps Sharron excel in her role within the Purchasing department: “I’m a very independent and straight-forward person, and I’ve always had a strong work ethic. While these are important traits, I also need to be able to multitask, be detail-oriented, and use my business management education and past experiences to tackle new challenges.”

In 2020 Sharron is excited to be involved with our company’s growth: “I’m excited to develop my career and advance with Nature Fresh Farms as they continue to expand their business. Nature Fresh Farms is my second family so I’m happy to be a part of their growth.”

While Sharron enjoys drawing and painting, she is happiest when she gets to spend her free time hanging out with her family!

Alongside the rest of the Purchasing team, Sharron works hard every day to ensure our team has all the materials they need to do their jobs successfully. Sharron purchases all packaging materials for our Distribution Center, monitors and maintains adequate inventory levels, and helps to create a positive atmosphere in her work environment! Sharron is one of our #GrowtoPeople.

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