Shawn C.


“I’m lucky to have started with a great team in my department.”

In 1995, Shawn C. and his family moved to the Leamington, ON area, and Shawn immediately started working in a flower greenhouse. After a while, Shawn found a position in Shipping and Receiving – and he has stayed in that line of work for over 18 years! Shawn is now our Shipping/Receiving Manager in our Distribution Center, and he couldn’t be happier as part of our team.

For Shawn, Nature Fresh Farms meant a fresh beginning: “Before working here, I was doing a job where I was not happy for a while. I finally decided to make the leap and haven’t looked back since. I have worked at Nature Fresh Farms for just over a year now and love it! To me, this company was a new start. I enjoy my job again, which filters into being happier at home.”

After over 18 years working in Shipping and Receiving departments, Shawn never gets over the positive feeling after overcoming daily challenges: “We are always the last department to handle products before they leave our operation – which means it is up to us to do a final check and make sure everything has been done right.”

As an auto enthusiast, you can often find Shawn working on his car, visiting auto shows, or racing on weekends at the drag way! He also enjoys going on wine tours with his wife at local wineries.

While it’s important to Shawn that his team is constantly performing their best and meeting order expectations and deadlines, he also encourages his department to think innovatively to improve our supply chain’s efficiency. Shawn is also a firm believer in employee satisfaction – after all, happy teams are productive teams! Shawn is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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