Shelbey H.

Quality Control

“Even though Nature Fresh Farms is a massive company, it’s the kind of place that creates shockingly close relationships.”

Before she found herself working with fresh produce, Shelbey H.’s chosen career path was journalism! But fresh produce presented Shelbey with new responsibilities that would challenge her in a different way, as well as provide her with more opportunities for personal growth, so she decided to make the switch. Now, Shelbey is our Quality Control Supervisor in our Sales Distribution Center!

There have been some important skills that Shelbey has further developed since joining our team: “In a way, a lot of what I do as a Supervisor resembles directing television productions, which is what I learned when I was studying Journalism. But in my role here, I have also had to try my best to be compassionate and understanding, as well as learn how to talk to a range of personality types.”

All Shelbey heard about Nature Fresh Farms before joining our team was how much opportunity there was for people to grow personally and develop professionally here: “I was excited for the chance to work at a company like this. Nature Fresh Farms has proven to be a place where I’ve grown a lot, where I’ve learned a lot about myself, and where I’ve met a lot of really great people.”

There is one very special event that Shelbey and her family will be celebrating in 2020 – the arrival of her first child in October! Shelbey is also excited to continue spending quality time with her husband, family, and friends this year.

As our Quality Control Supervisor, Shelbey’s role is to ensure she supports and trains a well-rounded, well-functioning Quality Control team. It is important for her to make sure quality checks are being done efficiently, quality standards are being met for our customers, and standards are fully understood by our team to ensure consistency. Shelbey is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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