Shirleen B.


“What I like most about my new role is that I get to work with new hires and teach them all that I’ve learned myself over the past 7 years at Nature Fresh Farms!”

Originally from Jamaica, Shirleen B. came to Canada as part of a contract work program in 2013. It was difficult at first because she had to leave her family behind, but our team encouraged Shirleen to keep working toward her goal. Shirleen has now worked with us for 7 years, and recently transitioned into a new role as our Distribution Center (DC) Coordinator!

Starting out as a General Laborer, Shirleen has worked her way up in the company, holding Line Lead, Production Supervisor, and DC Coordinator positions: “It may take me a day, a month, a year, but eventually, I will achieve my goal! I believe developing my interpersonal skills, adaptability, leadership skills, and self-confidence have all helped me achieve success here at Nature Fresh Farms.”

In 2017, Shirleen was granted her permanent residency, and she was able to bring her family to Canada: “A big moment for me was reuniting with my kids after 4 years – I’m so happy to have them living here now!”

As a single mom, Shirleen believes her role in the community is to let other single moms know that they can do whatever they set their minds to – by sharing her story, she hopes to provide single moms with a light and encouragement to keep moving forward. Shirleen is also an avid church member and is very dedicated to her faith.

As our DC Coordinator, Shirleen is now providing important support to our Production team, as well as our Human Resources team, to help ensure things stay organized and efficient within these interdependent departments. It is also expected that Shirleen helps create a team-oriented, friendly work environment where people can learn new skills and improve every day. Shirleen is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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