Tina B.

Quality Control

“I wake up every day knowing that I will be able to put food on my table while also helping to put food on other’s.”

About two years ago, Tina B. moved to the Leamington, ON area, and in 2019, she started a family of her own. With a young family to support, Tina started looking for a good place to work, and that is how she found her way to the Nature Fresh Farms team! Tina is currently working in our newest state-of-the-art Warehouse as one of our Quality Control team members.

Having worked in the produce industry before, joining the Nature Fresh Farms team was an easy transition for Tina: “With my previous experience in produce, it was easier to settle into my new job here, but it has still given me many new things to learn every day. My past job experience also allowed me to bring speed and an eye for detail to this new role.”

Tina’s drive has allowed her to take control of her life and pursue bigger and better opportunities: “I’m a strong and independent person, and I’ve worked hard for everything I have. That’s why one of my defining moments was when I moved to this town and had a chance to start over. With the job I found, the friends I made, and having started a family, I feel it was one of the best choices I’ve made.”

Alongside being with family and friends, Tina is looking forward to spending every extra moment she has watching her son grow up. In her spare time Tina also enjoys reading and knitting!

As a member of the Quality Control team in our newest Warehouse, Tina is responsible for checking our produce to ensure we are only sending high-quality products to our retail partners. Tina is also responsible for checking the quality of our packages to make sure they meet each retail partner’s specifications. Tina is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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