Tina H.


“Nature Fresh Farms is a huge part of my life.”

Crop Worker, Packer, and now Bio Scout – Tina H. has gained a lot of experience at Nature Fresh Farms while trying her hand at different positions within our greenhouses!

When she first started as a Bio Scout, Tina was patrolling the Tomato plants, but she was then moved to our Pepper crops: “It’s interesting to switch from one area to another because they are similar in some ways, but very different in others. For example, when scouting the Tomato crops, we look more for diseases, but in the Peppers, we are always looking for unique bugs.”

We asked Tina what Nature Fresh Farms means to her, and at first, she had trouble putting it into words: “Nature Fresh Farms is very important to me – I love the people, and while working here, I’ve been encouraged in so many ways to come out of my shell.”

The most exciting thing to happen to Tina this year? Her first trip across the Atlantic Ocean to visit Barcelona! The highlight of her trip was a visit to a local monastery high in the hills – she literally felt on top of the world.

Down one of our greenhouse rows, you may find Tina inspecting our Pepper crops for damage, applying beneficial bios to the plants, or reporting the pests she discovered that day to a Grower. She is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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